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No battery’s for controller and small battery for the tank .the seller delta-lt ,gives you everything with Their purchase. Considering it was a $500 purchase.other wise the tank is fine so far all works well.

So far it’s exactly what I wanted. Runs nicely in the small lake behind our condo. It’s fast and corners well.
Not giving it a five until I’ve run it more with no issues……
Grandkids love it!

M1A2 Abrams

This tank has ran great I got it until a week or so ago. The turret would stop turning at 1/4 to 1/2 rotation either direction. The clutch would start clicking and I had to move the turret by hand to get it to rotate. I took the top off to see if it was hitting something. I didn't see anything obvious, but I noticed the wiring wasn't routed very neat. I ran the wiring a little different, and it has worked fine since. I sent an email to support a week ago, and am still waiting for an answer. Thats why the 4 star rating.

King Tiger

Tank worked good out of the box, but I noticed a few problems: (1) the headlight don't work. Its getting power so it must be the LED bulb. (2) The 3rd day I had it, the motherboard shorted out. I sent Heng Long an email about it and they sent me a new motherboard. The tank has ran great since. (3) last week the smoke unit quit working. The heating unit is working, but the fan is not blowing the smoke out the exhaust. The fan motor is running, but I don't think the fan blade is turning. I sent an email last weekend, but haven't received an answer yet. Their a little slow answering emails. When they do respond their support is great. I'll give them 5 stars when I get an answer on the smoke unit. If I don't get one soon, I'll lower it. One other thing, which is no big deal, the machine gun for the turret was missing.

Awesome Heng Long Tanks

These tanks are great. I am not a RC person and did not realize the high level of functionality to these tanks. In my opinion they are unbelievable . I am a model maker and I as able to paint and weather these two tanks. I could not be happier with both the Sherman and the King Tiger . I included some pics … these have both been painted and are not the original paint/ finish.

High Speed 2.4G RC Car For Kids RC Off-Road Vehicle, Birthday Present

Good RC tank with a few minor problems.

My new Abrams RC tank arrived in a timely manner and runs great! However there were a few minor issues encountered during unboxing and assembly. One of the headlights fails to function and the turret rail/basket parts, along with a few other small parts were distorted and bent...did not fit the installation holes precisely. Other than this, the tank performs as expected. This is my 3rd RC tank purchase and my 1st purchase from RC Trux World Store. This tank cost almost $100.00 more than my first two, Heng Long tanks; (T90 and Leopard) that were ordered from, pre covid pandemic. I saw an ad on Facebook that RC Trux World had the Abrams in stock and ready to ship. I had been waiting for over a year for to restock this tank to no avail. Other than having to pay a bit more for the tank and a few parts fitment issues, I am pleased with my purchase from RC Trux World.

Amphibious stunt cars

My grandsons ❤ love the stunt cars. So do I! The boxes were damaged on arrival, I guess due to its long journey. Very satisfied 😌

Christmas Gift

Product has been great, the shipping was another story. Ordered it a month before Christmas, said delivery time was 14 days, received it after Christmas which was very disappointing for my Grandson which it was intended for.

Rc truck

This truck is the best our grandson had so much fun with it. Would recommend it for purchase. Would buy again.

Tiger 1

Grandson loved this tank. So far the only complaint that I have is the battery life. Everything else worked as advertised

Timely shipping and product as advertised

Good product

Nice Starter tank

This tank was all at was expected . Very nice Starter tank for someone getting into the hobby.
It helps if someone has a background with tanks to assist with assembly. If you want to get it looking as realistic as possible. Very happy with the tank.

historically accurate

I was pleased with the end result of placing the various parts together. The tank runs very well and is great for chasing squirrels off the lawn (not firing at them)
draw back: It is a little cumbersome charging the battery and the caution alert sitting alone with a paragraph of Chinese characters is a small worry. I enjoy the tank I will probably be looking at another

Luis Aguilar

Great tank but the engine and machine gun sounds are not working. Can you send me information on how to bring the sounds back on .

Heng Long 3888A King Tiger Henschel RC Tank - Professional Version

Slobo is coming for you!!!

This tank was so well made and so authentic in it's detail, that I had to give it a Russian name!!!! Slobo has handled all types of terrain...even some stuff the crawler buggys do...It shoots IR signals and 6mm Airsoft BB's...what's not to love??

Heng Long 3888A King Tiger Henschel RC Tank - Professional Version

sherman tank

was pleased with tank and its ablitys


Received my R/C in record time and love it

Best RC vehicle

The M1A2 Abrams is the best rc vehicle I have ever owned. Not only is it realistic but it shoots! I love it!

Great Stunt car

My grandson loves this stunt car!

New RC tank is an absolutely AWESOME DEVICE I've ever purchased !

Bulldog Tank

Would. Like to see where to order replace parts