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7 Radio Controlled Toys - What Makes Them So Popular?

January 07, 2020 3 min read

Radio controlled or remote controlled (RC) devices can be hobby grade or toy grade. Toy grade RC devices are usually available at retail toy stores and may be purchased by people for their children to play with. These are mostly toys produced in bulk quantities and comprise of non- serviceable parts. The RC toys cannot be used outside as they are not rugged enough to take the strain of the terrain outdoors. Most of the radio controlled toy grade devices are not durable as they are made from soft materials that are easily breakable. These items are ready to use and thus require no assembling of parts. Since they run on battery cells, all you need to do is place the batteries in the case and your toy is ready to play.

Hobby grade radio controlled toys are meant for the serious enthusiast. These devices are simple in their design and can be remodeled, serviced and reused. The material is durable and the items are usually custom made. More often these devices need to be assembled, but the stores may deliver the assembled piece, if you so wish. A serious hobbyist will always prefer to buy the kit and do the assembling himself. This is in itself a creative art that the hobbyists indulge in, apart from participating in various competitions. There are sporting events held for the RC enthusiasts that have their own rules for the game.

The 7 types of radio controlled toys available presently are described below:

1. Radio Controlled Toys- RC Airplanes 

RC Airplanes
The RC airplane is available in various shapes and sizes, from gas turbine driven models to the smaller flyers. They can be tied to a pole with the help of a rope or they can be free flying. They can be fuel driven or electrically propelled and the latest models can even reach speeds of 250mph. Since the RC airplanes are complex toys they require some amount of control and knowledge of flying. Therefore, adult supervision is required during flying and they are not suitable for very young children. The airborne RC models are among the most expensive and a crash may result in damages that may prove to be very costly.

2. Radio Controlled Toys- RC Cars

RC Cars
Cars are the most common and the most popular among the RC toys. The cars are either fuel driven or electrically powered. These can be operated even by children and are much safer compared to airborne devices. The RC cars may be used in on-road or off-road RC car races. The RC car models come in various sizes and shapes.

3. Radio Controlled Toys- RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters
This is another airborne device. However, its design and flying pattern is different from that of an airplane. Some enthusiasts prefer it to the airplane as they claim it to be much more interesting for flying. The same factors of airplanes apply to helicopters too.

4. Radio Controlled Toys- RC Boat

rc boat
The first radio controlled toy to be created was a boat as demonstrated by Tesla. He showed the public, a boat that obeyed people's command. In reality, he was remotely controlling the boat.

5. Radio Controlled Toys- RC construction vehicles

RC Construction Vehicles

There are various types of remote control construction vehicles you can purchase for both adults and kids, that give an awesome experience of operating full size machinery. These RC construction vehicles are great for kids learning to use their imagination, and perfect for adults who want to get lost in creative imagination… and possibly take them back to a fun time in their childhood they’ve gotten away from.

6. Radio Controlled Toys- RC Tanks

rc tanks

Of the very many types that exist, between the two wheel and four wheel drives or flying contraptions, RC tanks happen to be a more interesting kind of remote control vehicle. The whole family can have fun with RC Tanks due to the size and simple setup. Tanks are a classic childhood military toy that have grown significantly with improvements in technology, and feature packed RC tanks have become so popular.

7. Radio Controlled Toys- Robotics

Robotics is popular in Japan, but the western world is also fast catching up. There are competitions held for the best robot created in terms of design and creativity. Robotics is moving to the latest technology of artificial intelligence and voice control models. Radio control models are being used as toys and for remote handling of bombs and other activities involving danger.

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