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10 Best RC Toys for Kids and Adults from RC World Store

December 04, 2019 7 min read

The best RC toys for kids and adults span well beyond remote control cars and drones. In the case of the giant RC Bald Eagle, a full 9-1/2-foot wingspan beyond remote control cars and drones. And, honestly, I'm kind of over drones and all their legalities and takedowns by neighbors with shotguns, so with the exception of a quadcopter from a galaxy far, far away, I've left them off this list.

I've also focused largely on RC toys that are truly meant for kids and adults, not just the ones you buy for your kid, and then sneak in time to play with yourself when he's at little league practice.

With a few of the remote control beasts carrying hundreds-of-dollars price tags, they're also RC toys for adults because no punk ass kid better touch your XO-1 supercar unless he can show you the 8 crisp $100 bills he'll hand over if he breaks it.

Here are my picks for 10 best RC toys for kids and adults from RC World Store.

1. RC Tank 1/24 27MHZ U.S M1A2 Tank With Light Sound Military Vehicle

An awesome RC tank design based on a real one! Designed according to US M1A2 real tank, vivid, stylish and cool. Super stable running and easy operation. Can be played indoors or outdoors together with friends. Experience playing tanks on a whole new level! RC World Store offers RC radio-controlled cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, and other RC products from the best manufacturers in each category. RC World Store gurantee all our RC products with High-quality and Low Discounted Prices.


  • Realistic Model - a lifelike tank model, bright khaki color, easy to attract the attention of children.
  • Durable materials with flexible remote control, stable to work, perfect play experience.
  • Strong horsepower, high speed, multi-directional remote control.
  • Acousto Optic Analog - barrel adjustment mechanical sound, crawler sound, turret rotating machinery sound, artillery firing sound, stationary idle sound, machine gun firing sound
  • Rechargeable Battery - provides you about 2-3 hours to play, durable and collision-resistant
  • Turret attack force - left and right rotation, up and down, 330 degrees rotation, 30 degrees go up and down
  • Two front lights - enables you to play at night.
  • Tank Mobility - forward, back up, turn, turn in place, move aiming shot, 45-degree climb, true recoil simulation

2. RC Car 1:12/1:16 2.4 GHz Off-Road Bigfoot Rock Crawler

Racing IN MUD, ROCKS, STAIRS, SAND, and GRASS?  This is a 1:12/1:16 full-scale remote control bigfoot car. Its 2.4 GHz radio technology has a range up to 50m. Feel the off-road speed racing right now! RC World Store offers RC radio-controlled cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, and other RC products from the best manufacturers in each category. 


  • The built-in shock absorption system
  • Oversized tires with high-quality PVC  rubber materials, anti-skid
  • Super-strong anti-collision structure design
  • Strong climbing capacity and long-lasting power

Get yourself a metal wheel loader with this HuiNa 583 Loader toy! On a scale of 1:14, It simulates real loader operation and higher cost performance. It is made of alloy so it is more durable, heavier, and powerful. Its big bucket can be controlled independently, and its hard screw rod works with high precision. Playing it with other RC construction vehicles like a dump truck, RC excavator and trailer would be more fun.


  • Movement Functions - It turns front, back, left, & right, bucket rise and decline
  • Double motor four-wheel drive, enough power to support effortless climbing activities
  • With bright lights and dynamic sound effects
  • Wear-resistant,bucket, cab, and wheels are all made of hard metal
Do you love excavators? This excavator toy is incredibly realistic you would definitely fill your fun! Its tank tread is solid and durable, plus the bucket moves flexibly with vivid mechanic sound so you can have a great operation experience. The operation platform can rotate 680-degrees which is extremely close to that of the real excavator.


  • Movement Directions - Forward, backward, left, & right
  • Movement Functions - Turn frontward and backward, turn left and right. The arms ascend and descend. The excavator bucket ascends and descends. The cab moves up and down. Rotates 680-degrees. The lamp lights up with sound. Each function can be controlled independently.
  • Programming Function - You can take advantages of the programming function to control the vehicle because it is capable of repeating the same action after you press the button of Auto Demonstration.
  • Has enough power to support effortless climbing activities.
  • 15-Channel Control - There are 15 different keys on the transmitter. Each is associated with one function. You can command the RC vehicle as you like.
  • Dual lock type external charging.
  • Realistic functions
Explore as well as enjoy playing with this Huina 1540 Metal Dump Truck! It has a large capacity compartment which allows you to load more. You don't have to worry about the truck slipping on slippery or steep roads as the large tires have an anti-slip mechanism and have double motor four-wheel drive to conquer any type of roads you want it to take.


  • Realistic model - Every joint can move freely, and the cab can do 360-degree rotation and go up / down with the simulator of the hydraulic cylinder
  • Movement Functions - Turn front, turn back, turn left, turn right, carriage rise and decline. The lamp before and after light up with music.
  • 2.4G signal - The remote control system uses 2.4G signals which feature excellent anti-interference, so you are able to control the excavator 100m away from it
  • Double motor four-wheel drive - Enough power to support climbing steep roads.
  • Rubber Wheels - Prevents the truck from slipping and it is wear-resistant.
Have fun with tank wars! The U.S. M41A3 RC Tank is a vivid replica of the agile and well-armed vehicle. It can travel very quickly and manage very steep hills thanks to its independent torsion bar suspension system. It can do a 360-degree rotation in place, its turret can do 320-degree, so everything in sight can be turned into the target. It is the best simulation of the tank as you can hear realistic sound effects. More interestingly, you can feel the strong recoil each time it opens fire.


  • Freedom of movement, i.e. 360-degree rotation in place, 320-degree rotation of the turret, 30-degree adjustable angle of the gun
  • Immersive battle with the firing of harmless BB bullets accompanied by a violent recoil
  • Generation of mechanic sound and non-toxic white smoke from the ventilation design at the rear
  • Independent torsion bar suspension, solid chassis, and durable track designed to cope with uneven roads
  • Up to 30 minutes' running provided by the 7.4V 1800mAh high-capacity LiPo battery
Have the best fun as you fly high in the sky! Designed according to A120-A380 Airbus, vivid, stylish and cool. Super stable flight and easy operation, best for beginners. Made of high-quality materials, a perfect gift for RC airplane lovers of all ages!


  • Mode 2 RC Scale Aeromodelling
  • Made of high-quality materials - EPP material, durable and light, only 70g.
  • Functions: Dual back pusher powers, forward and backward propellers cancel each other out, course lock is more stable
  • The built-in six-axis gyroscope flight self-stabilization system, allow the beginner to master it easily.
  • 2 Rudder Controls - Remote control transmitter comes with small rudder and big rudder control. Small rudder for beginners, big rudder allow the stunt function of the airplane, like rotating, etc.
  • USB charging can be charged 2 groups batteries at the same time.
  • Assembled and comes with a 2.4Ghz 3CH remote control system and mode 2 left-hand-throttle controller, ready to fly
  • Ultra stable, easy control for beginners.

Conquer the rough roads with this awesome RC Land Rover 110 Defender! Relive the classic car style and have an awesome ride outdoors. Made of high-quality materials, can survive bumps and shocks. Longer playtime than any other RC cars and can run as far as 60 meters away. Get yours now and be cool and stylish!
  • Forwards - backward, turn left/right, fully proportional control, steering fine-tuning, throttle trimming
  • Speed - it is fast and swift with its maximum speed at 15km/h
  • Remote Distance - it can run as far as 20-60 meters
  • Playtime - longer playtime for about 20 minutes
RC Land Rover 110 Defender 1/10 4WD HB Toys ZP1001 RC Retro Car RTR
9. RC Car 1/18 2.4GHz 4WD 70KM/h High Speed Off-Road Buggy

Loves off-road adventure? You can enjoy this 1/18 full-scale RC Off-Road Buggy. Its 2.4 GHz radio technology ranges up to 100m. With a shockproof system, non-slip rubber wheels, this car can run on land, grass or sand.


  • With an anti-collision design for a longer service life
  • 2.4GHz supports remote control range up to 100 meters 
  • The 4WD gives maximum acceleration, speed and power stop

Have complete control with the drone with only hand gestures! Volcano W606-16 is a super functional RC quadcopter with outstanding appearance and foldable design. It has a one-key return function to make the drone return easily. It’s breathtaking, fun, and liberating! Just put on the controller glove and command the drone to fly, swoop, hover, perform acrobatics and much more. All with virtual waves of your hand. A great choice for drone fans!


  • Compact & Portable Design - it is foldable so it is easily kept hidden and can be brought anywhere.
  • Functions - forward/backward, up/down, left/right, sideward flight, hovering, 360-degree 3D and special functions(continuous rolling), Gesture control
  • Sensor Controller - it’s equipped with glove sensor controller, 3D flip, headless mode, high/low speed and a 480P WiFi Camera.
  • Barometer Function - this version is equipped with a barometer height hold function.
  • Supports photo and video, WiFi real-time image transmission, mobile phone camera/video, mobile phone control ( gravity sensing ), VR split-screen display, trajectory flight
RC toys is really suitable for both kids and adults. Hope you enjoy!